Helping your family grow through surrogacy

  • Delivering Hope CA will help you navigate the legal, medical, and personal side of surrogacy.
  • Finding the perfect surrogate for your journey is easy with Delivering Hope CA.
  • We enjoy caring for you and your surrogate.
  • Protecting and loving your newborn is a joy for us all.

Having a baby through surrogacy takes many hearts and many minds working together. Delivering Hope CA coordinates and moves the process alongside the baby’s parents naturally.

Parents know that Delivering Hope CA will find the perfect surrogate for their journey. She will always feel loved, by them and by Delivering Hope CA. Legal and medical steps will be taken on time to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery.

Surrogacy with Delivering Hope CA provides parents and surrogates peace of mind, heartfelt care and the security of relying on the most loving and thorough team in the industry.

Legal establishes parenthood, protects the surrogate and defines the responsible party for when the child is born.
Newborn care with Delivering Hope means peace of mind for the parents
With Delivering Hope CA pediatric care begins the moment the baby is born.
Delivering Hope makes traveling with your baby stress-free.

Why Delivering Hope CA?

Delivering Hope CA was created to support parents who have their children through surrogacy.

As parents, you will feel at ease knowing that your baby is cared for by a team that understands surrogacy and newborns. Delivering Hope CA has the answers parents need and provides solutions for situations that come along the way. All the necessary medical, legal, and travel documentation will be taken care of during the time your child stays under Delivering Hope CA’s care.

Your love... Delivering Hope CA's Hands

Your child will be taken care of in a loving, playful, and warm environment.  Your newborn will be surrounded by people who love and care for the baby as if they were their own.  Your child will have everything it needs to thrive, remain healthy and grow.


Thank you for being Rayn’s first person to take care of him after birth. He can come back healthily and safely. You have accompanied him through the most difficult times. Rayn has always remembered you and your voice.

Mr. C. from Shanghi

@Tracy Armato @胡果威 It’s our luck to meet you, it’s the luck of our babies. Every time I see lovely babies, I especially thank you both. Mama Tracy, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

T & S from Macau

Tracy is a person of integrity, honesty, and principle, who has the natural gifting and love for what she does.  Staying with her as a family friend to intended parents (IPs) who cannot come due to travel restrictions, I’ve had the opportunity to observe first-hand how she interacts with IPs and surrogates with superb professionalism and strong business ethics.  She is a walking encyclopedia of baby care!

L. Liu from Vancouver, Canada

My Purpose is Helping You!


Hello Delivering Hope CA Parents and Surrogates!  I am Tracy Armatto, and I would love to guide you through a beautiful and fulfilling surrogacy journey.

To our parents, I understand why you turned to surrogacy to have your child.  I am sorry that some of you have had to face infertility but I am here to help.  I can take care of your newborn and bring him/her back home to you if that is what you require. One less worry.

To our surrogates, I’ve been a surrogate 4 times and I can guide you through the personal, legal, and medical parts of the journey.

Delivering Hope CA was created to ensure that every step of the process gets done on time and that parents, surrogates, and children receive all the love and care they deserve throughout their surrogacy journey.

I’ve been in the surrogacy business for over 20 years, during which time I’ve created a vast network of Invitro Fertilization Clinics, legal counsel, medical offices, pediatricians clinics, and relationships with newborn care-related providers to make sure that every part of the surrogacy journey is taken care ofI love what I do because I know that every day I fulfill my purpose of helping you. 



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