Newborn care

Delivering Hope CA is able to offer exclusive services which will provide parents the ability to avoid travel or minimize the amount of time needed to remain in the United States for their child’s birth.


Your Love... Delivering Hope's Hands

Newborns require a lot of attention and Delivering Hope CA loves to be there for each and every moment. Days are filled with laughter, little sleep, photoshoots, different foods, bottles, and pediatrician appointments. Special phone calls, video calls, and messages with the baby’s parents are all in a day’s work, and Delivering Hope could never get enough.

Newborn care is a wonderful part of Delivering Hope CA’s neverending devotion to baby’s and parents.


The Responsible Party

Hospitals must have a designated responsible party for when a child is born from a surrogate if the parents are not present. Parents assign this duty through a legal judgment called a Pre-Birth Order. Delivering Hope CA has had the blessing of being awarded the responsibility of caring for children born through surrogacy many times.

Additionally, Delivering Hope CA will obtain the baby’s medical records and all official documentation for your child’s travel.  When you arrive for your child, or you welcome your child home, he or she will have a birth certificate, passport, and any other required documentation you have requested.


Taking Care of Your Newborn

Being a first-time parent is challenging.  There are certain instincts that come naturally and there are other things that you must learn along the way.  Delivering Hope CA is familiar with first-time parenting and takes the time to teach parents how to go about it.  All questions are welcome.


Legal establishes parenthood, protects the surrogate and defines the responsible party for when the child is born.
With Delivering Hope CA pediatric care begins the moment the baby is born.
Delivering Hope makes traveling with your baby stress-free.